Common Interjections List

Interjections list in english, common interjections list;

Common Interjections List

Aah: Exclamation of fear

Ahh: Realization or acceptance

Aww: Something sweet or cute

Bingo: Acknowledge something as right

Eh: Question something

Eww: Something disgusting

Hmph: To indicate displeasure

Oh: I see / I think

Oops: Making a mistake

Ouch: Exclamation of pain

Shh: An indication for silence

Uh oh: Showing dismay

Whew: Amazement and/or relief

Wow: Expressing surprise or admiration

Yay/Yaay: Congratulatory exclamation

Yeah: Variant of yes

Yikes: For fear or concern (not serious)

Yippee: Exclamation of celebration

Uh: Indicates a pause / need for more time

Hmm: Thinking / Hesitating about something

Er: Not knowing what to say

Um: Pausing or being skeptical

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