Types of Sentences in English

A sentence can be used to make a statement, ask a question, give a command, or show feeling. There are 4 types of sentences; Declarative Sentences, Interrogative Sentences, Imperative Sentences, Exclamatory Sentences;

Types of Sentences in English

Declarative Sentences

A declarative sentences tells about something. It ends with a .


  • My father’s name is Mark.
  • I’m watching tv now.

Interrogative Sentences

A interrogative sentences asks something. It ends with a ?


  • What is your favourite food?
  • Who is cooking the brownies?

Imperative Sentences

A imperative sentences tells someone to do something. It ends with a .


  • Complete these by tomorrow.
  • Be nice to your friends.

Exclamatory Sentences

A exclamatory sentences shows strong feeling. It ends with a !


  • Oh! I forgot about the meeting.
  • We’re are going to the holiday, Yippee!

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