Animals and Their Young Names

Animals and their young names, Baby Animal Names, Names of Baby Animals and Their Parents, Names of Animals, Babies and Groups;

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Animals and Their Young Names

Antelope Calf
Bear Cub
Beaver Kit
Birds Fledgling, nestling
Cat Kitten
Cow Calf
Deer Fawn
Duck Duckling
Eagle Eaglet
Eel Elver
Elephant Calf elephant
Fish Fry
Fowl Chick, chicken
Fox Cub, pup
Frog Polliwog, tadpole
Swan Cygnet
Tiger Cub, whelp
Zebra Foal
Goat Kid
Goose Gosling
Guinea fowl Keet
Hawk Eyas
Horse Foal, yearling
Kangaroo Joey
Lion Cub
Owl Owlet
Pig Piglet
Rabbit Bunny
Rat Pup
Rhino Calf
Seal Pup
Shark Cub
Sheep Lamb, lambkins
Turkey Poult
Whale Calf

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