30 Affirmative Sentences Examples in English

30 Affirmative Sentences Examples in English

1. It snows a lot in winter in Russia.

2. We live in Texas.

3. Water freezes at 0°C.

4. I like to draw pictures.

5. You go to holiday every summer.

6. I must draw up three papers in as many days.

7. He plays the trumpet, and she plays the trombone.

8. The cat is sleeping on the couch.

9. I lent my mother some money.

10. Please lend me your spoon.

11. She always forgets her purse.

12. We have a cash flow problem.

13. A river flows through the valley.

14. That river flows into the Mexico City.

15. The Rhine flows between France and Germany.

16. You are an engineer.

17. We watched TV last night.

18. Chemistry is my favourite subject.

19. My uncle sang his son to sleep.

20. She kissed her boyfriend again.

21. China is the fastest growing economy.

22. We like pizza.

23. There are 5 apples on the table.

24. She went to the park yesterday.

25. This is a frustrating book to no end.

26. He wanted to play football, but she wanted to play basketball.

27. Apart from Spanish, she also teaches math.

28. Her shoes were brand new, and now they are missing.

29. We were having lunch at 12:30.

30. I lent my mother some money.