Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms List

Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms Vocabulary List in Eglish;


Synonyms Antonyms Homonyms List in English


Large Big
Exit Leave
Present Gift
Alike Same
Stone Rock
Last Final
Easy Simple
False Untrue
Above Over
Difficult Hard
Write  Record
Mistake Error
Occur  Happen
Trip Journey
Sad Unhappy
Good Fine
Job Occupation
Infant Baby
Select Choose
Accurate Correct
Always Forever
Connect Join
Clarify Explain

Speak Talk
Fast Quick
ill Sick
Near Close
Start Begin
Raise Lift
Under Below
Angry Mad
One Single
Keep Hold
End Finish
Respect Honor
Get Receive
Glad Happy
True Correct
Old Ancient
Rich Wealthy
Safe Secure
Afraid Scared
Arrive Reach
Care Protection
Damage Hurt
Behave Act



Accidental  Intentional
Arrival  Departure
Arrive  Depart
Artificial Natural
Beginning  End
Behind  in front of
Below  Above
Best  Worst
Better  Worse
Beautiful  Ugly
Big  Small
Birth  Death
Bitter  Sweet
Black  White
Blunt  Sharp
Body  Soul
Bore  Amuse
Boring  Exciting
Borrow  Lend
Centre Outskirts
Far  Near
Fast  Slow
Fat  Slim
Fear  Courage
Floor  Ceiling
Follow  Lead
Forbid  Allow
Forget  Remember
front   Rear
in front Back
Full  Empty
funny   Serious
Give  Take
harvest   Plant
Hate  Enjoy
Health  Disease
healthy   ill
Heat  Cold
Heaven  Hell
Heavy  Light
Hell  Heaven
Here  There
High  Deep
Hopeless  Hopeful
inside Outside
insult Compliment



Abel  Able
Accede  Exceed
Accept  Except
Addition  Edition
Adds  Adz
Check  Czech
Clique  Click
colonel   Kernel
Coolie  Coulee
Coughers  Coffers
Crepe  Crape
Dyeing  Dying
Fare  Fair
Fate  Fete
Flu  Flew
Graham   Gram
Graphed  Graft
Heroin  Heroine
Hertz  Hurts
Hew  Hue
Hey  Hay
Hi  High
Higher   Hire
Hoard  Horde
Hoarse   Horse
Hoe  Ho
Hoes  Hose
Hold  Holed
Hole   Whole
Holed  Hold
Hue  Hew
Mist  Missed
Mite   Might
Moan  Mown
Moat   Mote
Mousse   Moose
Mowed  Mode
Mown  Moan
Mrs Misses
Mucous   Mucus
Navel  Naval
Nay  Neigh
Need  Knead
Neigh  Nay
New Knew
Pail  Pale

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