50 Examples of Collective Nouns

50 Examples of Collective Nouns

1.a pack of thieves

2.a pack of cards

3.a packet of letters

4.A wad of notes

5.Agenda of Tasks

6.Anthology of Poems

7.Anthology of Prose

8.A hand of bananas

9.A harvest of wheat

10.heap of rubbish

11.A hedge of bushes

12.Atlas of Maps

13.Fitting of Sails

14.Fleet of Boats

15.Fleet of Cars

16.Quiver of Arrows

17.Range of Mountains

18.Roll of Coins

19.Rope of Onions

20.Rope of Pearls

21.Rouleau of Money

22.Round of Drinks

23.Serving of Spoons

24.leet of Vehic

25.a pack of cards

26.a packet of letters

27.a pair of shoes

28.a quiver of arrows

29.a range of mountains

30.a ream of paper

31.a reel of film

32.a set of clubs

33.herd of curlew

34.A bundle of sticks

35.A catalogue of prices

36.A chest of drawers

37.A cluster of coconuts

38.A reel of film

39.A set of clubs

40.A string of pearls

41.a tribe of goats

42.a troop of lions

43.a zoo of wild animals

44.a crowd of people

45.an anthology of poems

46.a horde of savages

47.a bale of cotton

48.a basket of fruit

49.a batch of bread

50.a galaxy of stars