Collocation Words 50 Examples

Collocation Words 50 Examples

1.tell somebody the way

2.tell somebody one’s name

3.tell your name

4.tell the future

5.tell one from another

6.spend time

7.waste time

8.make time for time time

11.have a hard time time

13.take time off out of time

15.stall for time

16.catch a ball

17.catch a bus

18.catch a cold

19.catch a chill

20.catch someone by surprise

21.catch someone off guard

22.catch some rays

23.catch a whiff

24.catch the flue

25.catch a glimpse

26.catch sight of sth

27.catch someone’s eye

28.catch a thief a bill a fine a visit the price someone a compliment for something

35.gross pay by credit card electricity energy space time yourself the trouble lives someone a seat a short the environment something someone’s life one’s strength something to a disk

50.keep in touch