20 Conditional Sentences If Clause Type 1

20 Conditional Sentences If Clause Type 1

1.If you feel bad, you must go to the doctor.

2.You will be angry if you lose the match.

3.If you don’t hurry, you will miss the train.

4.If I am not busy tomorrow, I will help you.

5.I will not be upset if you do not love me.

6.If he calls you, you should go.

7.I’ll prepare food for him if he comes home after work.

8.If you do not win scholarship, your father will be very sad.

9.If my husband has a cold, I usually catch it.

10.If I can finish these jobs, I can rest until the night.

11.If you lose the match, you will be angry.

12.If you do not love me, I will not be upset.

13.If you can speak more than two languages, you will see that you find a job easily.

14.I will tell her where her boyfriend is if I see her.

15.I will buy a house in the game if I have enough game money.

16.Can you write a message to me if you see Alexander?

17.You will pass your exams if you study enough.

18.If I have enough strawberries, I will bake a strawberry cake for you.

19.If you can leave work earlier, shall we meet up?

20.If she does not hurry, she will be late.