20 Conditional Sentences If Clause Type 3

20 Conditional Sentences If Clause Type 3

1.If she had gone on a picnic, she would have had a lot of fun.

2.If I had studied hard enough, I would have passed the math exam.

3.If scientists hadn’t invented the cures for the illnesses, a lot of people would have died.

4.If they had worked hard, they would have finished on time.

5.If he had come, he would have seen me.

6.If he had been good at math, he would have got a high score from the exam last week.

7.If we had had the necessary ingredients for a cake, we could have made a cake.

8.If they had not warned us, bad things would have happened to us.

9.What would you have done if you hadn’t become an actress?

10.If I had waited for you more, I would have missed the plane.

11.If she had found his phone number, she might have called him for the party.

12.If she had driven carefully, she wouldn’t have had an accident.

13.If Marry had had a meeting, she would have gone to the Office.

14.If I had been a smart boy, I would not have annoyed my mother.

15.If I had found her address, I would have sent her an invitation.

16.If my daughter had seen this toys, she probably would have wanted me to buy them.

17.If your friend had helped me with the presentation, I wouldn’t have had to work on it until midnight.

18.If your boyfriend had been well-qualified, he might have been considered for the post.

19.If he hadn’t learnt all the prepositions by heart, I couldn’t have done well on the test.

20.If there had been enough people, we would have started the meeting.