20 Examples of Conjunction in a Sentence in English

20 Examples of Conjunction in a Sentence in English

1. When I see you smile, I can face the world

2. As long as you need my notebook, you can keep it.

3. After they pass the town, they must turn to the left.

4. I couldn’t stay, for the area was violent.

5. Michael is a very beautiful girl and she is very intelligent.

6. Because I’ve been there before, I’d rather go somewhere else.

7. I don’t know whether he will come.

8. It was a rough game; nevertheless, we prevailed.

9. Alex was late for work, and he received a cut in pay.

10. I like coffee, but I don’t like tea.

11. I have no idea how to operate the new printer.

12. I guess I’ll never be the same since I fell for you.

13. If you find out, please let me know.

14. Once you see her, you will recognize her.

15. Though I’m flexible, I draw the line about that.

16. She will get a promotion because she has proved his efficiency.

17. Did she say anything before she left?

18. George fell asleep, so Samuel just went home.

19. She was tired when she arrived in class, for she had studied all night.

20. Mary started yoga because she wanted to learn how to relax.