Conjunctions & Example Sentences

Conjunctions and Example Sentences in english, both … and, because, unless, even if, so, or, despite, besides, unlike, since, although, provided, whether, as if, yet, in spite of;

Conjunctions and Example Sentences

Both … andMichael can both read and write.
BecauseShe usually eats at home, because she likes cooking.
UnlessShe will be sick unless she stops eating.
WhereasWhereas we did all the job, they enjoyed themselves.
ThereforeMary studied hard for the chemistry exam. Therefore, she got an A+.
ButI am very hungry, but the fridge is empty.
Even ifEven if you take a taxi, you’ll still miss your plane.
DespiteOur vacation was a lot of fun, despite the hot weather.
BesidesBesides means in addition to, also. It is a preposition.
UnlikeUnlike means different from, not similar to.

SinceSince is used to show result.
AlthoughAlthough is used to show two opposite statements.
ProvidedProvided means if or only if.
WhetherWhether you drive fast or slow, please drive carefully.
AfterThe day after tomorrow is Mary’s birthday.
As ifIt looks as if it’s going to rain.
MoreoverSmoking is a bad habit; moreover, it is a very expensive.
OrExcuse me, Is your dog male or female?
YetWe haven’t finished eating the watermelon yet.
SoWhoever says so is a liar.
In spite ofIn spite of being a millionaire, he lives in a very small flat.