Coordinating Conjunction Examples

FANBOYS, for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so. Coordinating Conjunction Examples, example sentences;

Coordinating Conjunction Examples


He doesn’t want to buy any chemical medicine, for they are very expensive and unhealthy.
My music teacher loves me very much, for I am a successful student.
I have to find a new car, for I sold my old car.
He gets weight easily, for he always eats fast food and he eats everything very quickly.


I’m a wife and mother.
She came in the house and her baby started crying.
I have one dog and three love cats.
I work in a police office, and I also work in a library.
He talked and listened.
Please calm down my son, Let’s wait and see.


He didn’t talk to his friends nor did he call his father.
Neither George nor Mary were at the school yesterday.
Neither my daughter nor my son like drinking milk.
Neither my brother nor my friends supported me.


I have got a piano, but I haven’t got a car.
I go to work on Friday, but I don’t go to work on Sunday.
He is very good at playing basketball but not at riding a bike.
Michael goes to bed early, but She is always late for work.


Alex lives in Texas or California.
Does Smith have any brothers or sisters?
He study hard for this exam or he fail.
Which color do you like yellow or red?


Supporters of both teams complained about extreme heat, yet they continues to watch the match.
I ran fast, yet I came in last.
John studied a lot, yet he didn’t pass the test.
Miguel plays football well, yet his favorite sport is tennis.


He was sick, so he couldn’t play football.
I studied hard, so I will be successful in the math exam.
My sister is very smart, so everybody likes her.
She has a job interview, so she will go to Paris.