Sequence Connectors and Example Sentences

Sequence Connectors and Example Sentences in English

Sequence Connectors and Example Sentences in English

First of allFirst of all, I’d like to thank my family.
In conclusionIn conclusion, nobody is perfect.
ThenFirst, brush your teeth, then go room.
NextNext, leave it for 5-10 minutes, depending on the tea.
As soon asAs soon as my daughter gets up, she will wash her face.
LaterThey’ll call you later today.
All in allMy son may not be brilliant, but all in all As far as I know he did quite well in his exams.
EventuallyIt might take her five weeks but she will do it eventually.

At lastAt last she passed the math exam.
FurthermoreReading books help to learn new information, furthermore, it helps to keep the brain cells fresh.
FinallyThe notebook finally reached me last night.
MeanwhileMy moter was talking to my father Meanwhile, my son was making lunch.
MoreoverMary plays football. Moreover she works a hotel.
BesidesBesides the guitar, she plays the piano.
In the endShe worked hard, and in the end, she passed the exam.
In additionSamuel writes short stories, In additon, he writes articles for a newspaper.

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