Subordinating Conjunctions Examples

A subordinating conjunction is a word that connects an independent clause to a dependent clause. Subordinating Conjunctions in english, Subordinating Conjunctions Example sentences;

Subordinating Conjunctions Examples

Her office is far, and she has to walk for minutes.

I’m staying in because it’s snowing.

As long as you need my notebook, you can keep it.

After they pass the town, they must turn to the left.

I couldn’t stay, for the area was violent.

Michael is a very beautiful girl and she is very intelligent.

I met them when we were in Paris.

Even if the sky is falling down, you’ll be my only.

I guess I’ll never be the same since I fell for you.

If you find out, please let me know.

Once you see her, you will recognize her.

So that he could keep him job, he didn’t complain at all.

They will not pass the math exam unless they work harder.

Did she say anything before she left?