10 Transitive and Intransitive Sentences

10 Transitive and Intransitive Sentences

Transitive Sentences

1.I love you so much.

2.His brother broke his pencil.

3.We watched a good movie in the evening.

4.In the evening he turned on the lamp.

5.I bought him a nice gift.

6.They cut down the dried trees in the garden.

7.I forgot my books at home.

8.He watched the game last night.

9.We sat on the beach at night and played guitar.

Intransitive Sentences

1.The boy with the balloon flying cried for a while.

2.My friend just passed by here.

3.He wandered around the bazaar all day.

4.Since you didn’t listen to what I said, I’m silent.

5.I was very scared when I didn’t get an answer from you.

6.You’ve changed a lot lately.

7.As soon as I got home, I lay down on the sofa.

8.The little boy slept all day.

9.He cried secretly at night.

The food will be cooked soon.