100 Sentences of Punctuation

100 Sentences of Punctuation

1.Shall he not come in?

2.Shall we not eat dinner here?

3.Do not smoke in your room.

4.You wash your hand first and then eat.

5.Clean your room.

6.Stop talking and open your book.

7.Take the dog for a walk, please.

8.Stop biting your fingernails.

9.Nobody move!

10.Do not walk fastly.

11.Please be quiet in the library.

12.Share wishes for someone.

13.Do your chores!

14.Enjoy some fresh strawberries.

15.Stop talking!

16.Have courage.

17.Let no one of you speak.

18.Switch off your mobiles.

19.Do not talk to me like that.

20.Do not make that sound.

21.My mother has been watching TV all afternoon.

22.They have been watching the Lord of the Kings.

23.My grandmother has been still eating her breakfast.

24.Children have been playing computer games in the lounge for two hours.

25.They haven’t been studying their books for six days.

26.Has he been playing computer game since Monday?

27.I have been travelling to this country for four days.

28.The mechanic has not been repairing our refrigerator.

29.Your eyes are wet. Have you been cutting onions?

30.Has they been playing since morning?

31.Chocolate is a dessert loved by women.

32.The black car has been washed by him.

33.The theory of relativity was developed by Einstein.

34.New workers will be hired by the company.

35.The letters must be delivered.

36.How many movies did you watch this month?

37.How far is it between the school and the house?

38.Should I call or email you?

39.Why are so scared of me?

40.Who fixed the computer?

41.How many times do you smoke?

42.Who knows the answers to these questions?

43.Whom did you see yesterday?

44.Why are you not interested?

45.Whose pants are these?

46.A brownie is being baked by Michael.

47.The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.

48.A mistake was made.

49.He is being hired to work at Burger King.

50.Most of the apples would be eaten before we got to the table.

51.Mistakes were made. I didn’t make them.

52.Shall we not go to the cinema?

53.Complete these by tomorrow.

54.Choose your friends wisely.

55.Shall we not eat dinner here?

56.Enjoy it!

57.Don’t text me.

58.Somebody answer the phone!

59.Spend your time reading instead of playing on your phone.

60.Be there at five.

61.Don’t do that.

62.Go to page 75.

63.Make sure you pack warm clothes.

64.Shall he not come in?

65.Shall we not go out?

66.Don’t move!

67.Please grant me a loan.

68.Drive slowly.

69.Don’t sit there.

70.Give us the gate key.

71.Read a lot to improve your writing skill.

72.It will have been cleaned.

73.News reports are written by reporters.

74.Whenever I need something, I am helped by him, so I want to help him.

75.Every morning, a glass of water is drunk by him, so he feels very healthy.

76.The boy was scratched by the cat.

77.The egg was laid by the bird.

78.The windows had been broken.

79.Bananas are adored by monkeys.

80.Trees should not be cut down, it is very important issue.

81.The course starts next Sunday.

82.I will shop at the store this weekend.

83.She swims every morning.

84.Julie talks very fast.

85.He doesn’t teach math.

86.I love my new pets.

87.Tomorrow early morning first I go to morning walk.

88.I don’t wash the dishes.

89.We see them every week.

90.I don’t like tea.

91.When does the train usually leave?

92.I and my sister don’t see each other anymore.

93.He loves to play basketball.

94.He goes to school.

95.The Earth is spherical.

96.The wolf ate steak at the zoo.

97.She doesn’t use a computer.

98.It snows a lot in winter in Russia.

99.We live in Texas.

100.You go to holiday every summer.