16 Tenses in English

English Tenses, 16 Tenses in English and Example Sentences;

16 Tenses in English


Tense Example
Simple Present I play basketball every week.
Present Progressive I’m playing basketball now.
Simple Past I played basketball yesterday.
Past Progressive I was playing basketball the whole evening.
Present Perfect I have just played basketball.
Present Perfect Progressive I have been playing basketball for 3 hours.
Past Perfect I had played basketball before mary came.
Past Perfect Progressive I had been playing basketball when Mary came.
Future – will I will play basketball next week.
Future – going to I’m going to play basketball this afternoon.
Future Progressive I will be playing basketball next Sunday.
Future Perfect I will have played basketball by tomorrow.
Conditional Simple I would play basketball.
Conditional Progressive I would be playing basketball.
Conditional Perfect I would have played basketball.
Conditional Perfect Progressive I would have been playing basketball.

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