20 Sentences of Interjection

20 Sentences of Interjection

1.Wow, the dress she bought for graduation looks beautiful.

2.Oh no, I forgot that I have an exam today.

3.Yuck, the food he made tasted disgusting.

4.Yey, I finally got the school I wanted.

5.Yes, the broken glass hurt my hand a lot.

6.Oh, the broken glass hurt my hand so bad.

7.Hey!, were you the one who cheated on the exam?

8.Yo, Emily! You must go back home immediately.

9.Lord! What have you done?

10.Wow, that is the prettiest dress I have ever seen in my life!

11.Ouch, don’t touch my arm, I fell the other day.

12.Uh, oh I think I made a mistake.

13.Yikes! That looks horrible.

14.Shhh, the baby is sleeping in her room.

15.Whew! What a hard day.

16.Touche! That is what I have been trying to tell you from the beginning!

17.That’s nuts! No one can actually run that fast.

18.Geez! You scared me standing there in the dark.

19.Bravo! I knew you would in this competition.

20.Errr, I actually don’t know.