20 Sentences Using Adjectives in English

20 Sentences Using Adjectives in English

Adjectives that change a noun or a noun phrase in English add new meanings to the word they change and help the word gain a more special meaning by changing the meaning of that word.

20 Example Sentences

1.A large car can not pass through a narrow road.

2.I bought a new and expensive car but it was very comfortable.

3.The man who is performing today is a well-known person.

4.There are so few people in the class, so one can talk to each other.

5.My mother is taller than my brother.

6.There are some green apples on the plate.

7.They ate some delicious food.

8.The red balloon floated over the treetop.

9. Hairless cats look like rats.

10. Which dishes should be eaten every day?

11.Please give me some milk to make tea.

12.The cafe on the main street is a smoking-free  venue.

13.My elder sister is a teacher.

14.She was a beautiful woman.

15.You must study hard, TOEFL is a hard exam.

16.She wore a beautifulwhite, wedding dress.

17. Whatare you destroying?

18.Canada is not as beautiful as England

19.We need a large garden.

20.Intelligent people always focus on success.