Adjective + Preposition Combinations

Adjective + Preposition Combinations, Common Adjective & Preposition Combinations;

Adjective + Preposition Combinations

Addicted to

Afraid of

Angry about/with

Annoyed about/with/at

Allergic to

Amazed at/by

Anxious about

Ashamed of

Associated with

Attached to

Aware of

Bad at

Based on

Bored with

Capable of

Clever at

Crazy about

Cruel to

Crowded with

Different from/to

Enthusiastic about

Excited about

Envious of

Familiar with/to

Famous for

Fed up with

Fond of

Guilty of

Good at

Grateful to

Hooked on

Identical to

Impressed with

Jealous of

Kind to

Keen on

Mad about/at

Married to

Opposed to

Patient to

Pleased with

Polite to

Popular with

Proud of

Related to

Responsible for

Satisfied with

Sick of

Similar to

Suitable for

Surprised at/by

Upset about/with

Used to

Worried about