Adjectives Ending With -ed and -ing

Adjectives list, Adjectives Ending With -ed and -ing in english;

Adjectives Ending with in ED & ING

Verb ed ing Noun
Amaze Amazed Amazing Amazement
Amuse Amused Amusing Amusement
Captivate Captivated Captivating A captivation
Challenge Challenged Challenging A challenge
Charm Charmed Charming Charm
Comfort Comforted Comforting Comfort
Concern Concerned Concerning Concern
Convince Convinced Convincing Conviction
Encourage Encouraged Encouraging Encouragement
Enchant Enchanted Enchanting Enchantment
Energize Energized Energizing Energy
Fascinate Fascinated Fascinating Fascination

Verb ed ing Noun
Flatter Flattered Flattering Flattery
Gratify Gratified Gratifying Gratification
Interest Interested Interesting Interest
Move Moved Moving
Please Pleased Pleasing A pleasure
Relax Relaxed Relaxing Relaxation
Relieve Relieved Relieving A relief
Satify Satisfied Satisfying Satisfaction
Surprise Surprised Surprising A surprise
Tempt Tempted Tempting Temptation
Thrill Thrilled Thrilling A thrill
Titilate Titilated Titilating Titilation