Adjectives + Prepositions List

Adjectives + Prepositions List, of, at, from, in;

Adjectives + Prepositions List, of, at, from, in

Adjectives + Prepositions OF

Accused of

Ashamed of

Aware of

Afraid of

Capable of

Careful of

Envious of

Fond of

Full of

Guilty of

Hopeful of

Innocent of

Incapable of

Jealous of

Nervous of

Proud of

Scared of

Sick of

Silly of

Sure of

Suspicious of

Terrified of

Typical of

Unaware of


Adjectives + Prepositions AT

Annoyed at

Amazed at

Angry at

Astonished at

Awful at

Bad at

Brillant at

Clever at

Delighted at

Disappointed at

Excellent at

Excited at

Good at

Hopeless at

Lucky at

Skilful at

Slow at

Surprised at

Terrible at


Adjectives + Prepositions FROM

Absent from

Derived from

Different from

Free from

Made from

Safe from


Adjectives + Prepositions BY

Amazed by

Astonished by

Delighted by

Disturbed by

Excited by

Fascinated by

Impressed by

Inspired by

Puzzled by

Shocked by

Surprised by


Adjectives + Prepositions IN

Comfortable in

Connected in

Disappointed in

Excellent in

Experienced in

Interest in

Impolite in

Polite in

Present in

Skilled in

Slow in

Successful in

Talented in