Distributive Adjectives

Distributive adjectives show that the things or persons are counted collectively. They refer to members of a group as individuals.

List of distributive adjectives; each, every, either, neither, any, one, both.


Distributive Adjectives in English

Example Sentences of Distributive Adjectives

  • Either you buy it or you don’t.
  • My mother isn’t a teacher. Neither am I.
  • Each girl must bring her own bag.
  • Each participant was asked to complete a survey.
  • Each of her friends is angry.
  • Can you buy this one?
  • Does your father have any money left?
  • Both of them are in the house.
  • Each of us drink about 2 liters of water a day.
  • My mother watches TV every day.
  • I don’t know either of them.