Adverbs of Manner in English

Adverbs of manner answer the question “HOW“? It tells us how something happen. It is usually placed after the main verb or after the object.

Adverbs of manner list;

accidentally gladly regularly
angrily gracefully reluctantly
anxiously greedily repeatedly

awkwardly happily rightfully
badly hard roughly
beautifully hastily rudely
blindly healthily sadly
boldly honestly safely
bravely hungrily selfishly
brightly hurriedly sensibly
busily Inadequately seriously
calmly Ingeniously sharply
carefully Innocently shyly
carelessly Inquisitively silently
cautiously Irritably sleepily
cheerfully joyously slowly
clearly justly smoothly
closely kindly so
correctly lazily softly
courageously loosely solemnly
cruelly loudly speedily
daringly madly stealthily
deliberately mortally sternly
doubtfully mysteriosly straight
eagerly neatly stupidly
easily nervously successfully
elegantly noisily suddenly
enormously obediently suspiciously
enthusiastically openly swiftly
equally painfully tenderly
eventually patiently tensely
exactly perfectly thoughtfully
faithfully politely tightly
fast poorly truthfully
fatally powerfully unexpectedly
fiercely promptly victoriously
fondly punctually violently
foolishly quickly vivaciously
fortunately quietly warmly
frankly rapidly weakly
frantically rarely wearily
generously really well
gently recklessly wildly