Difference Between DURING, FOR, WHILE

Difference Between DURING, FOR, WHILE, How to use During, For and While;

Difference Between DURING, FOR, WHILE


To state when something happens

During + Noun


  • We listened to the teacher during the French lesson.
  • I sleep during lunch.
  • She played beach volleyball every day during her vacation.
  • We visited London during our holiday in England.


To state how long something happens

For + length of time


  • I will love you for ever.
  • They put her in prison for life.
  • You have been smoking for a year.
  • I hadnt seen Chicago for a long time.
  • He is going to sleep for two hours.


To talk about two things that are happening at the same time

While + Subject + Verb


  • While I was watching TV, door rang.
  • While I was analyzing the data, two errors occurred.
  • Please sit down while I tell you something.