During vs Until vs By in English

During vs Until vs By in English

Using During, Until and By in English

Using During in English

For part of a period of time. Used before a noun to say when something happens.


  • I watched television duringa break in my studies.
  • They met her duringthe presentation.
  • There is no schoolduringSeptember.
  • Duringthese years he never stopped taking bus trips.


Using Until in English

Up to, but not after, a specific time. To say how long a situation continues.


  • I will stay untilfour o’clock.
  • Are you going to work until11:00?
  • Untilmy father came home, I read a book.
  • I could not get up this morning. I stayed in the bed untileleven.
  • That’ll just have to wait untilnext week.


Using By in English

No later than time. Something happens by a time in the future.


  • We need to be there bynoon.
  • He had promised to be back byfour o’clock.
  • Job applications must be received bythe 22th April.
  • I sent the documents to them today, so they must receive them byon Friday.

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