Have To vs Don’t Have To

Difference Between Have to and Don’t Have to, Have To vs Don’t Have To in english;

HAVE TO vs DON’T HAVE TO in English

Have to / Has To

Something you need to do following a rule.


Have/Has to + Base Form of the Verb

Example Sentences;

  • You have to go to school.
  • They have to clean the house.
  • He has to see the doctor.
  • You have to drive slower than 110 km/h on highways.
  • What have you to say for yourself?
  • You have to wear uniform in class.
  • My brother has to drink milk before going to bed.


Don’t Have to / Don’t Has to

Something which is not necessary.


Don’t/Doesn’t Have to + Base Form of the Verb

Example Sentences;

  • You don’t have to come to school on sundays.
  • We don’t have to watch this movie.
  • She doesn’t have to learn your language.
  • They don’t have to waer a suit.
  • He doesn’t have to take the exam.
  • You didn’t have to work for a salary.
  • We don’t have to buy an egg.