Phrasal Verbs With PUT

Phrasal Verbs With PUT

Put up with

Meaning: sb/sth means to tolerate

Example: I don’t know why she puts up with him.


Put something(sth) on

Meaning: means to dress

Example: Put your shoes on – We are going out.

Put somebody(sb) down

Meaning: means to insult

Example: My boss is always putting me down.


Put somebody(sb) off

Meaning: means to distract

Example: Don’t put me off – I’m trying to concentrate.


Put something(sth) away

Meaning: means to tidy.

Example: Put your toys away now.


Put somebody(sb) through

Meaning: to connect sb by phone

Example: Could you put me through to him, please?


Put something(sth) by

Meaning: means to save money

Example: We’ll start to put by extra some pounds every month.


Put something(sth) off

Meaning: means to delay

Example: He decided to put the meeting off until Friday.