Phrasal Verbs With SET

Phrasal Verbs With SET

Set (sth) down

Meaning; to write or print something


  • The rules of this place are set down in this handbook.

Set about sth/doing sth 

Meaning; to begin or start doing something


  • We set about organizing a party.
  • I don’t know how to set about the work.

Set about sb

Meaning; to attack someone


  • The crowd began to set about him with stones.

Set forth

Meaning ; to begin travelling


  • We set forth at noon.

Set off

Meaning; to start a journey or trip


  • We will set off next week.

Set off sth

Meaning; to cause a signal to start something


  • The loud sound set off the baby’s crying.

Set out

Meaning; to leave a place and begin a journey


  • We set out on a lonely journey.

Set out ( to do something )

Meaning; to start an activity or something with a special aim or intend


  • She set out to protect her kids.

Set aside

Meaning; to seperate or to reserve something for a particular aim.


  • They should set aside some time to discuss this issue.
  • John set aside some money fo his kid’s future.

Set back

Meaning; to delay something or somebody


  • The engineers have some problems with the project which will set us back at least two weeks.

Set in

Meaning; to begin and seem likely to continue, especially something unpleasant or harmful


  • The snow looks as if it has set in for the rest of the day.

Set (soemone or animal ) on/upon ( someone or animal )

Meaning; to attack someone violently ( by persons or animals )


  • The child was set on/upon by a dog.
  • The president set the guards upon the protestors.

Set (sth) up 

Meaning; to make something ready to use


  • It will take a half hour set up the tent.