Question Words

Question Words, Definitions and Example Sentences in English;


Question Words, Definitions and Example Sentences

HOW Asking about a procedure or method How can I learn Spanish quickly?
HOW MANY Asking about a number How many people live in this city?
HOW MUCH Asking about an amount or price How much money will I need?
HOW LONG Asking about a length of time or size How long was the film?
HOW FAR Asking about a distance How far is the university from your house?
HOW OFTEN Asking about frequency How often do you visit your grandmother?
WHO Asking about a person Who are your best friends?
WHERE Asking about a place Where do you live?
WHAT Asking about a thing What is her favourite colour?
WHEN Asking about a time of an event or activity When is his birthday?
WHY Asking for a reason Why are they always late?
WHICH Asking about an option or choice Which day do prefer for football match?