Relative Pronouns in English

Relative Pronouns in English. The most common relative pronouns are who, whom, whose, which, that, why, when.

Here is relative pronouns list, meanings and example sentences;

Words Meaning Example Sentences
WHO Relates to people(subject) They caught the women who spied for North Korea.
WHERE Refers to places They visited the street where they lived there.
WHY Refers to reason I don’t know the reason why she doesn’t like ice cream.
WHEN Refers to time Valentine’s Day is day when people are happy.
WHICH Relates to animals and objects I lost my wallet which my mother gae me.
WHOSE Refers to possession She is the woman whose sister lives in London.
WHOM Relates to people(object) Michael, whom lives in Texas, is an engineer.
THAT Relates to people, animals and things Austin was the place that I graduate from university.