Suffixes in English

Suffixes in English

Suffixes that make NOUNS

-ageA resultWreckage
-anceAn action or stateImportance
-antA personAsistant
-eeA personReferee
-enceAn action or stateDifference
-er/orA personTeacher
-eryA type or place of workBakery
-essMakes a feminine formWaitress
-fulAs much as will fillSpoonful
-ingAn action or resultPainting
-ionA process, state orresultDecoration
-ismA belief or conditionJudaism
-istA personFlorist
-mentAn action or stateMeasurement

Suffixes that make ADJECTIVES

-ableAble to beInflatable
-enMade ofWoolen
-fulFull ofBeautiful
-ishA littleGreenish
-likeSimilar to, likeLifelike
-ousFull ofJoyous
-someA tendency toQuarrelsome

Suffixes that make ADVERBS

-lyIn a mannerQuickly
-wardShows directionforward
-waysShows directionSideways