To vs For in English

English using to and for, difference between to and for, To vs For in English ;

To vs For in English

Using TO

  1. Giving

I give the notebook to my brother.

  1. Comparing

I prefer play football to working.

  1. Destination

We’re going to London.

  1. What is the time?

It’s a quarter to 5.

  1. Distance

It’s about five miles from my mother’s house to the hotel.


Using FOR

  1. Schedule

I made an appointment for April 12.

  1. Benefits

Orange is good for pregnancy

  1. Agree with

Are you for or against this situation?

  1. Functionwith verb (-ing form)

Mary got acclaims for writing the book.

  1. Period of Time

We’re lived here for 5 years.