Uses Wishes with Tenses

Using wishes in english, using wishes with past tense, using wishes with present tense, using wishes with future tense;

Uses Wishes with Tenses

Wishes with Present

We use wish with Past Tense forms simple and continuous to express regret about present situations.


  • I wish I was rich.
  • I wish I was going with my father.
  • The boys wish they could go to Paris.
  • He wishes he were here now.


Wishes with Future

We use wish with would  to say how we would like somebody to behave in the future.


  • That’s a dreadful noise. I wish it would stop.
  • I wish Samuel would call me back.
  • I wish you wouldn’t smoke in classroom.


Wishes with Past

We use wish with Past Perfect when we have regrets about the past;


  • I wish I hadn’t taken my father’s advice.
  • I wish she had passed her driving test.
  • I wish you hadn’t been angry with me!


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