Using Accordingly, Also, Because

English Using Accordingly, Also, Because, difference between accordingly, also and because;


Using Accordingly, Also, Because in English


Accordingly is a conjunction. It means in suitable way, correspondingly.


  • Accordingly as people become rich, they are apt to be stingy.
  • He didn’t complain to the police, accordingly the police took no action.
  • I want to review the report and then we’ll act accordingly.



Also is a conjunction, linking word. It is used to add an positive, agreeing thought.


  • Samuel speaks English. Mary also speaks English.
  • I’m sorry i think, it’s very small house. Also, it needs a lot of repairs.
  • She also had a sense of responsibility about it.



Because is used to show/give reason. It is followed by a complete sentence with its own subject and verb.


  • She usually eats at home, because she likes cooking.
  • People are attracted to the coast because the fishing and swimming is fantastic.
  • The girl ran because she was afraid.