Using Prefer, Would rather, Had better

English grammar, Using Prefer, Would rather, Had better. Using prefer in english, using would rather in english, using had better in english;

Using Prefer, Would rather, Had better

Prefer; In contrast to ‘would rather’ prefers refer to general preference, not current ones. Prefer is followed by a verb in the -ing form and ‘to’.

Example Sentences;

  • I prefer bicycle to motorcycle.
  • Do we prefer drinking tea to coffee ?
  • They would prefer you coming tomorrow.
  • I prefer working to doing nothing.



Would rather; is use to say that one person would prefer another or others to something. Would rather is followed by the bare infinitive and than.

Example Sentences;

  • I would rather have coffee than tea.
  • I would rather not go out tonight.
  • I would rather watch the movie at home.
  • I would rather have breakfast.



Had better; is used to give advice. It is romed with the bare infinitive (without to). Follow the list for examples;

Example Sentences;

  • Had we better let him know?
  • They had better choose a cheaper hotel.
  • You had better not cry.
  • We had better review all subjects before the math exam.