Using SO vs SUCH in English

Using SO vs SUCH in English, Difference between so and such in english;


SO vs SUCH in English

We can say about “So” and “Such” that;

  • Both of them usually have the same meaning “very”.
  • Both of them show extremes.
  • We can use both of them to add emphasis to the sentence.
  • Although they have some similarities, there are some main differences in their use in the sentence.


Using SO

  1. So + Adjective

Mark seems so unhappy.

  1. So + Adverbs

She speak so quicly.

  1. So + Judgemental Adjective

It is so rainy outside!

  1. So + Much/Many/Few/Little + Noun

There are so few cars in the parking lot.


Using SUCH

  1. Such + a/an + Adjective + Noun

She is such an intelligent boy.

  1. Such + Judgemental Noun

He is such a liar!

Don’t be such a fool!

  1. Such + a/an + Noun

Why did you say such a thing?

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