Using Whatever – Whenever – Wherever – Whichever – Whoever

Using Whatever, Using Whenever, Using Wherever, Using Whichever, Using Whoever in english. Explanations and example sentences;


Using Whatever – Whenever - Wherever - Whichever - Whoever in English


Anything or everything; regardless of what

Example Sentences;

I will lend you whatever book you need.

Don’t get upset whatever your father says.



Every time; regardless of when; at any time

Example Sentences;

You may come whenever you want.

Michael plays computer games whenever she is free.



The person who; regardless of who

Example Sentences;

Whoever comes with you is welcome.

Whoever came late yesterday must stay after class today.



Everywhere; no matter where; regardless of where

Example Sentences;

Wherever he goes, he talks about him new house.

Alex followed my father wherever he went.



The person or thing which; no matter which; regardless of which

Example Sentences;

I will take two apples whichever you want.

Wear whichever shoes are the most comfortable.