Using Whom and Whose

How to use Whom and Whose in english, definitions and example sentences;

Using Whom and Whose in English

Using Whom in English

Whom is an object pronoun like ‘him’, ‘her’, ‘us’ and etc… We use WHOM to ask which person receives an action.

Example Sentences;

  • Whomwill he blame for the accident?
  • The man whomI saw at the theather last night is an engineer.
  • Whomdoes God favor?
  • This is my neighbourwhomI like a lot.


Using Whose in English

Whose is a possessive pronoun like ‘her’, ‘his’, ‘our’ and etc… We use WHOSE to find out which person something belongs to.
Example Sentences;

  • Whosecar is this ?
  • Whosenotebook was stolen in the class?
  • The child whosebicycle has been lost cried.
  • The girl whosebag is red is looking for you.

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