Verbs + Prepositions list in english;


account for
accuse (someone) of
adapt to
add to
adjust to
agree on (something)
agree to (something)
agree with (someone)
apologize for (something)
apologize to (someone)
apply for
approve of
argue with (someone)
argue about (something)
arrive at
ask for
become of
believe in
belong to
blame (someone) for (something)
blame (smt) on (something)
borrow from
care about
care for
catch up with
come from
comment on
communicate with
compare with
complain about
compliment (someone) on
congratulate on
concentrate on
consent to
consist of
convince (someone) of (smt)
deal with
decide between
decide on
depend on
(dis)approve of
dream about, of
excuse (smo) for
explain (smt) to
feel like
forget about
forgive (smo) for
get along with
get back from
get rid of
get through with
get used to
happen to
have confidence in
have influence over
have an opportunity for
have patience with
hear from
hear of
insist on
introduce to
invite (someone) to
keep for, from
keep on
laugh about
laugh at
learn about
listen for
listen to
look at
look for
look forward to
object to
participate in
pay for
plan on
prefer to
prepare for
prevent from
provide for
provide (someone) with
recover from
refer to
relate to
rely on
remind (someone) of
search for
see about
send for
separate from
show up at
speak about
spend (money) on
stop from
substitute for
subtract from
succeed in
suspect (someone) of
take advantage of
take care of
talk about
talk over
talk to
thank (someone) for
think about
think of
throw away
vote for
wait for
warn about
waste (money) on
wish for
work for
worry about