20 Idioms and Phrases in English – Idioms, Meanings and Examples

20 Idioms and Phrases in English – Idioms, Phrases, Meanings and Examples;

Meaning Examples
All walks of life In all aspects of life Gandhi had disciples from all walks of life.
to consist of to contains Our class consists of 55 students.
To be one in essence to the same Men and women are one in essence.
To be a part of To belong to something Non-violence is a part of Indian tradition.
To be fit for To be suitable She is fit for the post of a typist.

To find out To discover The police found out the thief.
To serve the purpose To meet the requirement Scholorship alone will not serve the purpose.
To come across To meet Everyday we come across processions in our roads.
Thanks to Due to (because of) Thanks to the bold knocks of Sachin, India won the match.
To be gifted with To be blessed with Man is gifted with reasoning power.
Meaning Examples
To bring about To effect Marriage brought about great changes in his behaviour.
To lie dormant Unused We should now allow our skills lie dormant in ourselves.
To wake up To rise and act Whenthe opportunity knocks at our door, we should wake up.
In the largest measure In great quantities Arnold helped the Tsunami victims in the largest measure.
By nature Naturally She is very sensitive by nature.
To bestow on To give as a gift Nature has bestowed many riches on us.
In term of In relation of The politicians should undertake projects in term of their necessity for the people.
To take the lead To go forward India should take the lead ….
A far cry Something difficult to achieve A casteless society has come a far cry.
Come to a halt Come to sudden end The car came to a halt as the railway gate was closed.