80 idioms in english

80 idioms in english

Idioms About FOOD

Souped up

Made more powerful or stylish

Sell like hot cakes

Bought by many people

Big cheese 

Very important person (VIP)

Cream of the crop

The best

Butter someone up

Be extra nice to someone

One smart cookie

A very intelligent person

Egg someone on

Urge someone to do something

Hard nut to crack

Difficult to understand, often a person

Cool as a cucumber

Very relaxed

Apple of ones eye

A person that is adored by someone


Medical and Health Idioms

As fit as a fiddle To be heathy and phsically fit
At death’s door Very near death
As pale as a ghost Extremely pale
Bitter pill to swallow An unpleasant fact that one must accept
Get a charley horse To develop a cramp in the arm or the leg
Have one foot in the grave To be near death
Run in the family To be a common family characteristic
Under the weather Not feeling well
Sick and tired of Extremely annoyed by something that occurs repeatedly
Go under the knife Undergo surgery


Idioms About FAMILY

Helicopter Parenting

Over attentive child-raising

Bobs Your Uncle

The rest is easy; you’re almost finished

My Old Man, My Old Lady

My spouse

Pop the Question

Propose marriage

Up the Duff


Like Taking Candy from a Baby

Very easy

Accident Of Birth

Luck in something due to family good fortune

One big happy family

A group of people who live or work together or in close proximity

Family man

A man devoted to taking care of his wife and children

Spitting Image

Have a strong resemblance, often familiar


Idioms About Science and Technology

On another planet

not paying attention, acting strangely

Bells and whistles

extra features and trimmings

To blow a fuse

to lose your temper

Cutting edge

advanced and innovative

shoulder to cry on

someone who listens to your problems

By Hook or by Crook

By some possibly dishonest means

Tpush someone’s buttons

to provoke someone

Cog in the machine

said about one part of a large system or organization

Get your wires crossed

being confused or not understanding someone

At boiling point

reached one’s limit in patience or temper

Blow a fuse

become very angry/lose one’s temper

Not rocket science

easy to do or understand

a piece of cake

A task that can be accomplished very easily.

up and running

properly functioning



like two peas in a pod
very similar

to be as thick as thieves
to be very close or friendly

to bury the hatchet
to end a conflict

to clear the air
to defuse the tension

a shoulder to cry on
someone who listens to your problems

strike up a friendship
to become friends

to see eye to eye with someone
to agree with someone

Friends in high places
has friends who have important or influential positions

to know someone inside out
to know someone very well

to build bridges
to promote friendly relations between people or groups


Idioms About MONEY

To foot the bill

To pay for something

Money talks

Rich people can get what they want

Be made of money

If you are made of money, you are rich man

Banner Year

A year marked by strong successes

Money to burn

Extra money to spend however one likes

To cut your losses

To stop doing something for avoid loosing money

To make a killing

To earn a lot of money

Asound as a dollar

Very secure and dependable


Selling something for cash only and with no delivery

Get a run for one’s money

to receive a challenge, to receive what one deserves


Idioms About SPORTS

Get the Ball Rolling

Do something to begin a process

Against The Run Of Play

Atypical of the way a game has been going

Ballpark figure

A rough estimate

Throw in the Towel

To give up, admit defeat

Take the Gloves off

Negotiate in a more aggressive way