Idioms About Science and Technology

English idioms list related to science and technology, Idioms About Science and Technology;

Idioms About Science and Technology

On another planet

not paying attention, acting strangely


Bells and whistles

extra features and trimmings


To blow a fuse

to lose your temper


Cutting edge

advanced and innovative


A shoulder to cry on

someone who listens to your problems


By Hook or by Crook

By some possibly dishonest means


To push someone’s buttons

to provoke someone


Cog in the machine

said about one part of a large system or organization


Get your wires crossed

being confused or not understanding someone


At boiling point

reached one’s limit in patience or temper

Blow a fuse

become very angry/lose one’s temper


Not rocket science

easy to do or understand


a piece of cake

A task that can be accomplished very easily.


up and running

properly functioning