Idioms and Their Meanings

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Idioms and Their Meanings

Flip The Bird
Meaning: To raise your middle finger at someone

Foam at the Mouth
Meaning: To be enraged and show it

Fools’ Gold
Meaning: Iron pyrites, a worthless rock that resembles real gold

Keep your chin up
Meaning: To remain joyful in a tough situation

Kick The Bucket
Meaning: Die

Meaning: Diagonally across Sometimes called Catty-Corner as well

Knee Jerk Reaction
Meaning: A quick and automatic response

Knock On Wood
Meaning: Knuckle tapping on wood in order to avoid some bad luck

Know the Ropes
Meaning: To understand the details

An arm and a leg
Meaning: A lot of money

Ball is in your court
Meaning: It is up to you to take the next step

Best thing since sliced bread
Meaning: A good idea or plan; an excellent new invention

Curiosity killed the cat
Meaning: Being too curious can get you into trouble

9 Elvis has left the building
Meaning: The show has come to an end It’s all over

9 Jump on the bandwagon
Meaning: Join a popular trend or activity

2 Last straw
Meaning: The final problem in a series of problems

Not a spark of decency
Meaning: A person who has no manners

Get Over It
Meaning: To move beyond something that is bothering you

Get Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed
Meaning: Someone who is having a horrible day

Get Your Walking Papers
Meaning: Get fired from a job

A piece of cake
Meaning: something is very easy

Give Him The Slip
Meaning: To get away from To escape

Bust one’s chops
Meaning: To say things intended to harass

on the up and up
Meaning: honest; ethical; fair

when hell freezes over
Meaning: never

Go Down Like A Lead Balloon:
Meaning: To be received badly by an audience

To cut corners
Meaning: to do something badly or cheaply

Get ducks in a row
Meaning: Getting your things well organized
Look on the bright side
Meaning: View an unpleasant situation in a positive light

From A to Z
Meaning: Covering a complete range; comprehensively

In Your Face
Meaning: An aggressive and bold confrontation

It Takes Two To Tango
Meaning: A two person conflict where both people are at fault

It’s A Small World
Meaning: You frequently see the same people in different places

Go great guns
Meaning: Being successful

Its Anyone’s Call
Meaning: A competition where the outcome is difficult to judge or predict

Pushing up daisies
Meaning: Euphemism for dying or death

Live on the breadline
Meaning: Having very little income
All wet
Meaning: wrong to the point of being silly or unbelievable

at loggerheads
Meaning: in strong disagreement, in a quarrel

Beside the point

Bet one’s boots
to be sure

an important, powerful or influential person

black sheep
an outcast

Through thick and thin
In both good and bad times

To play fast and loose
To hurt some body’s feelings /to play tricks

The whole nine yards
Everything All of it

All agog

to give up the ghost
To die

To snap one’s fingers
To be anxious

All walks of life
In all aspects of life
To find out
To discover

Come to a halt
Come to sudden end

To bring about
To effect