40 Modal Verb Sentences, Using Modal Verb Example Sentences

40 Modal Verb Sentences, Using Modal Verb Example Sentences

1.Would you hand me the pencil?

2.Would you help me?

3.I would help you with Spanish.

4.They would go to the movies if you are interested.

5.If I had a car, I would drive around the world.

6.She promised she would tutor me.

7.She said that she would be help them move next month.

8.Could you hand me the pencil?

9.Could I go to the park?

10.I could help you with Spanish.

11.They could go to the movies if you are interested.

12.I could visit many places if I had more money.

13.A lot of crime could be prevented.

14.You could have called first.

15.Could I borrow your notebook?

16.Could I  speak to Mary?

17.I can speak five languages.

18.Alcohol can cause cancer.

19.Can I come with you?

20.Can I use your computer, please?

21.Can you hand me the pen?

22.If they like, I can carry some bags for you.

23.My baby brother should be asleep by now.

24.He could play football well when he was a kid.

25.He could have taken the flight.

26.We may have passed the math exam, but it was in Spanish.

27.You might have sold the car., if you really needed the Money.

28.You should have listened to the teacher.

29.We must have been crazy!

30.He shouldn’t have told the.

31.You needn’t have bought it, because I have already.

32.You ought to have warned me earlier.

33.Will you lend me your camera?

34.I would play the tennis when I was a child.

35.How about going to the circus tonight? It would so funny.

36.We are going to breakfast. Would you come? Yes, I would.

37.I knew I would win college this year.

38.Would be used when making a wish.

39.Could I have some tea, please?

40.If I were you, I would say sorry.