100 Examples of Collective Nouns

Collective nouns are names for a collection or a number of people or things. Here is most important 100 examples of collective nouns;

100 Examples of Collective Nouns

1.a heap of rubbish

2.a hedge of bushes

3.a library of books

4.an outfit of clothes

5.an orchard of fruit trees

6.a pack of cards

7.a packet of letters

8.a pair of shoes

9.a quiver of arrows

10.a range of mountains

11.a ream of paper

12.a reel of film

13.a set of clubs

14.a sheaf of grain

15.a book of notes

16.a bouquet of flowers

17.a bowl of rice

18.a bunch of keys

19.a bundle of sticks

20.a catalogue of prices

21.a chest of drawers

22.a cluster of coconuts

23.a cloud of dust

24.a party of friends

25.a patrol of policemen

26.a posse of policemen

27.a regiment of soldiers

28.a staff of employees

29.a team of players

30.a tribe of natives

31.a troop of scouts

32.a bunch of crocks

33.a caravan of gypsies

34.a choir of singers

35.a class of students

36.a company of actors

37.a congregation of worshipp

38.a skein of wild geese in flight

39.a string of horses

40.a stud of horses

41.a swarm of bees

42.A colony of badgers

43.sloth of bears

44.erst of bees

45.pod of birds

46.chatter of budgerigars

47.a stud of horses

48.a swarm of bees

49.a team of oxen

50.herd of curlew

51.mob of deer

52.A bowl of rice

53.Battery of Artillery

54.Belt of Asteroids

55.A bunch of keys

56.A bundle of sticks

57.A catalogue of prices

58.A chest of drawers

59.A cluster of coconuts

60.Fleet of Vehicles

61.A ream of paper

62.A reel of film

63.A set of clubs

64.A string of pearls

65.A wad of notes

66.Agenda of Tasks

67.Anthology of Poems

68.Anthology of Prose

69.A hand of bananas

70.A harvest of wheat

71.A heap of rubbish

72.A hedge of bushes

73.Atlas of Maps

74.Fitting of Sails

75.Fleet of Boats

76.Fleet of Cars

77.Quiver of Arrows

78.Range of Mountains

79.Roll of Coins

80.Rope of Onions

81.Rope of Pearls

82.Rouleau of Money

83.Round of Drinks

84.Serving of Spoons

85.Fleet of Vehicles

86.Flight of Aeroplanes

87.Flight of Stairs

88.Garland of Sonnets

89.Pack of Cards

90.a ream of paper

91.a reel of film

92.a set of clubs

93.a sheaf of grain

94.a shower of rain

95.a stack of wood

96.a string of pearls

97.a wad of notes

98.a pack of cards

99.a packet of letters

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