20 Common Noun Examples in Sentences

20 Common Noun Examples in Sentences

1.I won’t go to the cemetery.

2.We are going to eat.

3.I will stay at home at the weekend.

4.He will call me tomorrow.

5.We will play basketball.

6.Mark will fix my car.

7.I am going to cook tonight.

8.It won’t be very cold next week.

9.He will not drink tea.

10.Will it hurt?

11.She is going to prepare the emails after the meal.

12.Chris dropped his wallet, I will get it and give it to him.

13.Will you come with me on a city tour of Paris tomorrow?

14.Will Jane be able to get to the party in time?

15.Are you going to buy a new house?

16.Which country will you go to for a summer vacation this year?

17.Will you come to school tomorrow?

18.Shall we go on vacation next week?

19.The weather will be warmer next week.

20.You were not at work last Monday.