20 Sentences of Noun Phrase

20 Sentences of Noun Phrase

1.Alex drives to an awful job every morning.

2.Very few giant animals remain in the wild.

3.The grandmother cooked for ten people, even though we were only four.

4.The little fluffy puppy is ready to adopt.

5.They brightly decorated the wooden house for the holiday.

6.I saw a black zebra at the zoo.

7.I know the back streets.

8.He wants a cute kitten for Christmas purposes.

9.Jesica lives in a house that produces electricity.

10.Sumudica comes a horrible way every evening.

11.They kindly offered water to the worker working in the hot weather.

12.He knew how to defend himself as a lawyer child.

13.The end of the season is hard for some athletes.

14.Many people want to live a peaceful, calm and quiet life.

15.The house, like the box in the attic, is filled with memories.

16.The fast black fox jumped over the lazy dog.

17.The ability to help others is a very important character trait.

18.The decision to marry was celebrated by all his friends.

19.They crawled in the attic and dark ceiling.

20.He had to sit next to his scary and angry child.