28 Examples of Noun Sentences, Noun Examples Sentences

28 Examples of Noun Sentences, Noun Examples Sentences

We use a large number of words or phrases in the process of expressing ourselves using the English language. When describing objects, talking about objects, trying to name events and facts, we often need to use a group of words called nouns. Nouns are words used as qualifiers for both private and general assets. Nouns are perhaps the type of word you will use most when using the English language. Therefore, getting detailed information about this phrase affects your language development positively.

No matter what language you use, you need to ask the questions “Who?”, “Where?” And “What?” In order to find the word group called noun in the sentence. Names can be used plurally according to different rules. In this context, we will first examine how the plural forms of nouns differ.

Here are 28 Examples of Noun Sentences;

1. Some people disagree with this theory, however, it’s never been proven right.

2. She won’t have sent the email yet.

3. She has been in prison for 6 months.

4. It was a small animal like a mouse.

5. During the war, America tried to stoptrading with England.

6. The school will certainly sell in spite of the fact that it’s overpriced.

7. She speaks three languages besides Spanish.

8. You must see a doctor because of this sleep disorder.

9. Although studying French seems difficult, it’s simpler than you think.

10. George is very clever but he doesn’t study his lessons .

11. Apart from Spanish, she also teaches math.

12. They should take your umbrella because it’s raining.

13. Whether or not John is coming to the school.

14. I will go to the cinema whether Jesica comes with me or not.

15. I want to sleep at home, but on the other hand, I have to get into work and earn money.

16. In addition to all the things you have done for me, you have also talked to my mom. How can I repay you?

17. They can be used to highlight questions.

18. Whenever my aunt comes to us, she brings some good gifts for my brothers.

19. In spite of the snow, he went out.

20. A young person learns his dreams, whereas an adult never pursues his dreams.

21. Her mother suddenly became very angry with her child because her child was very worried.

22. I will always love, even though public opinion into the sea.

23. I stayed at my office because it was raining.

24. When using conjunctions, make sure that all the parts of your sentences same.

25. She speaks three languages besides Spanish.

26. Either you or I should be informed about his project.

27. All of my sisters are doctors, whereas I am a teacher.

28. I am very hungry, but the fridge is empty.