Collective Nouns For Animals

Collective Nouns For Animals, List of Collective Nouns for animals, Collective Nouns – Animals, Collective Nouns – Animals, collective nouns related to animals;

Collective Nouns For Animals
a plague of locusts
a pride of lions
a shoal of fish
zeal of zebras
hover of trout
raffle/rafter of turkeys
bale/turn of turtles
herd/pledge of wasps
bunch/knob of waterfowl
troop of baboons
a skein of wild geese in flight
a string of horses
a stud of horses
a swarm of bees
cete/colony of badgers
sloth of bears
cluster/swarm/erst of bees
flock/flight/pod of birds
chatter of budgerigars
a train of camels
a tribe of goats
a troop of lions
a zoo of wild animals
brood/clutch/peep of chickens
chattering of choughs
rag/rake of colts
covert of coots
a school of whales
herd of cranes
bask of crocodiles

clan/hover/murder of crows
litter of cubs
a string of horses
a stud of horses
a swarm of bees
a team of oxen
herd of curlew
herd/mob of deer
herd/gang/obstinancy of buffalo
bellowing of bullfinches
drove of bullocks
caravan/flock of camels
flight/dole/prettying of doves
paddling of ducks
safe of ducks (on land)
fling of dunlins
convocation of eagles
charm of finches
shoal/run of fish
a plague of locusts
a pride of lions
a school of whales
a shoal of fish
a skein of wild geese in flight
flurry/regiment of flamingoes
business/cloud/scraw/swarm of flies
earth/lead/skulk of foxes
gaggle of geese (on land)
skein/team/wedge of geese (in flight)
corps/herd/troop/kalaedescope of giraffes
cloud of gnats
flock/herd/trip of goats
charm/chirp/drum of goldfinch
troubling of goldfish
band of gorillas
cloud of grasshoppers
brace/leash/pack of greyhounds
brood/pack/covey of grouse
an army of ants
a bevy of quail
a broad of chickens
a catch of fish
a cloud of insects
down/lie/trip/mute/husk of hares
cast of hawks
array of hedgehogs
scattering/sedge/siege of herons
army/gleam/shoal of herring
bloat/pod of hippos
drove/string/stud/team of horses
pack/cry/kennel of hounds
congregation/stand/wing of plovers
rush/flight of pochards
pod/school/herd/turmoil of porpoises
covey of ptarmigan
sounder of wild boar
dout/destruction of wild cats
team of wild ducks (in flight)
bunch/plump/knob of wildfowl
litter of pups
colony/school/herd/pod/gam of whales
company/trip of wigeon
pack/rout of wolves
covey/fall/flight/plump of woodcock
descent of woodpeckers
herd of wrens
shrewdness of apes
army/column/state/swarm of ants
herd/pace of asses
crowd of ibis
flight/swarm of insects
brood/fluther/smuck of jellyfish
herd/mob/troop of kangaroos
kindle/litter of kittens
deceit/desert of lapwings
bevy/exaltation of larks
leap/lepe of leopards
pride/sawt/troop of lions
tiding/tittering of magpies
sord/suit of mallard
stud of mares
richesse of martens
nest of mice
company/labour/mumble of moles
troop of monkeys
cartload/pack/span/barren of mules
puddling/watch of nightingales
flock of ostrich
bevy/family of otters
parliament/stare of owls
yoke of oxen
pandemonium of parrots
covey of partridges
muster of peacocks
swarm of eels
herd/parade of elephants
herd/gang of elk
cast of falcons
busyness/cast/fesynes of
muster/rookery of penguins
kit of pigeons
farrow of piglets

litter of pigs
bevy/covey/drift of quail
bury/colony/nest/warren of rabbits
nursery of raccoons
string of racehorses
colony of rats
unkindness of ravens
crash of rhinoceros
bevy of roe deer
parliament/building/clamour/rookery of rooks
hill of ruffs
family of sardines
pod/harem/herd/rookery of seals
flock/herd/trip/mob of sheep
dopping of sheldrake
den/pit/nest of snakes
army of caterpillars
chowder/clowder/cluster/glaring of cats
herd/drove of cattle
cowardice/pack/kennel of dogs
pod/school of dolphins
trip of dotterel
walk/wisp/wish of snipe
host/surration/quarrel of sparrows
cluster/clutter of spiders
drey of squirrels
chattering/crowd of starlings
flight of swallows
drift/herd/sounder of swine
spring of teal
mutation of thrush
ambush of tigers
knab/knot of toads